Who is Maddy Gould?

*I was a designer before Desiigner


I'm someone who's constantly learning- I have experience in production, user experience design, print, digital, video editing, photography, social media, web development, and creative direction. I'm always looking for new ways to elevate my skills, whether it's from tutorials or through learning from my talented colleagues and friends. Besides being married to the industry, here's some extra information you should know about me:

Likes: Dogs, Hip-Hop, anything on HBO, interior design, tacos, TED talks, memes, sneakers, the smell after it rains

Dislikes: Wafer cookies, apple system update reboot times, Taylor Swift

What makes me different? I make my own cartoons, they can occasionally be seen on my instagram @Madderall

If you play a Travis Scott or Frank Sinatra song, I will dance. Here's some stuff I've been listening to recently at my dance parties (you're all invited):