Eminem & Snoop Dogg "From the D 2 the 213"

Role: Graphic Designer

As the graphic designer, I was tasked with creating visually striking graphics that would enhance the overall aesthetic of the video. This included designing and creating various elements such as album covers, posters, and other promotional materials for the video. I worked closely with the director James Larese to ensure that my designs were in line with their vision and contributed to the overall concept of the video. I also collaborated with the art department (Nathan Love) to ensure that my designs were integrated seamlessly into the final product.

As a lover of comics, most notably Spiderman- Marshall wanted something that felt authentic to his childhood, thus merging his own personal "spider verse" with the Bored Apes NFT project. In addition to combining the crypto project and rap, something never before done, the premier of the music video at the 2022 VMAs was an announcement into Otherside, Yuga Labs's upcoming met averse game, where holders of BAYC NFTS can play as their Ape avatars.

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